Monday, January 16, 2012

Need to pay someone to catch up for me.....

I am a TOTAL slacker! AAH! How did I let myself get this far behind on my silly blog?! ha! It's going to take me a few days to catch up so, these next couple of posts are going to be short and sweet.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

football pj's

I know, I know... I'm slackin' already. I'll catch up soon! Just thought I'd post the best picture I've been able to snap (since Van was born) of these 2 bruisers together. It's crazy how much they look alike! I am SO excited that my 6month old baby is wearing 12month clothes because these 2 are going to be twiners from here on out!!! haha

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

big eater....

Food has become pretty important to this guy lately. He is getting better about eating healthy and eating larger portions. He use to be my lil' snacker so, it's nice to feed him 3 meals a day and not have to be thinking about a lil' somethin, somethin' to try and get him to eat. He loves breakfast! The second we get him out of his crib he is asking for "juice" and an "aw-pul" (waffle).
Lately, I have been giving him a utensil half way through his meal. Clean up becomes ridiculous but, I love to watch him use his lil' motor skills. ha! It also helps him want to finish eating his meal because it becomes a game. Mac has a sweet tooth! He likes raisins, grapes, fruit snacks, Clif ropes, licorice, york pieces, M&M's (shh, don't tell dad). I think it's cute. That may be the only thing he got from me. Needless to say... I can't wait until this guy is a big football player and he and all of his friends eat us out of house and home!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 months

Baby Van is already 5months. INSANE! I know everyone says it about each one of their kids but man.... time has flown by! Cameron and I were talking the other day and, it seems like Van has been in our family as long as Mac (he kind of has if you count pregnancy, i guess). ha! The funniest thing happened this week.... Van is suddenly all of a sudden a binky baby?!? Before he was born I went to Buy Buy Baby and literally bought every brand of binky in hopes that he would be a binky baby. He never really cared for any of them but, took one at times to humor me and let me take a picture. Let me just add... he doesn't like just any binky, it has to be an $8.00 "nip" binky from Nordstrom. The price we pay, right!? We also set Van's crib up in Mac's room this week. He has yet to spend the night in there though. I figure they'll be roomies for life so, I'll keep him as long as I want. ha! It's probably safe to say that Van's favorite pass-time is to watch Mac. He is also a fan of his saucer and he sure doesn't have a problem rollin' the living room. Van has become quite vocal recently, he enjoys growling and he has figured out that he can inform me when HE would like some attention by squawking. SO FUN! We love our Lil' Peanut

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

18 months

My baby Mac is officially a-year-and-a-half. Crazy! He's SO big! It has been the coolest experience watching this dude grow and learn everyday. We try to make sure he learns at least 1 new thing a day. For example... Today he now repeats A, B, C, and it's pretty cute. He also mocked me and said "serious". ha! When I say that this kid is obsessed with cars, I'm not sure you understand how OBSESSED he is. The second he hears the garage close at 5:30pm he runs to the stairs and holds his hand out and says "teys, teys". He makes Cameron surrender the car keys. He can't wait to drive his remote control cars when dad gets home. He's still a bit scared of them but, he will book-it from the couch to stand between Cameron's legs and watch the show. So funny! This kid is ALWAYS into something. As we speak, Cameron is looking around the house for a piece to his head phones. Thank you for keeping us busy Big Mac.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Our friends Todd, Shona, and Zysha Moyer came into town to celebrate Todd and Cameron's b-day's this weekend. Todd and Cameron have been friends since they were just pups and conveniently, their birthday's are a day apart. It's always fun to spend time with Cam and Todd and listen to stories about their friendship. I won't publish any stories about them but I will say.... Those boys had some F.U.N. and they ALWAYS had each others back! I admire these 2 men for knowing and respecting the meaning of a "true friend".
We love Shona! She is full of spunk and can always make you laugh. It has been fun to watch her become a Mummy. You can see it all over her face that she adores her baby girl. Shona and I have developed a lovely friendship. We love comparing baby stories and making each other laugh. I swear we were twins and were separated at birth. haha! Great minds think alike, right?!
Zysha is a sweet pea. She is definitely a Moyer. She looks and acts just like her Daddy. She's so mellow and she is secretly funny at the same time. She refuses to look at you while you are holding her. She'll flirt with you from across the room though. It's been fun to watch her grow so much already. She is literally half the size of Van and she's only 6weeks younger than him. ha!
We love having them as our family friends and are excited for our families to grow up together. We love you crazy Moyers!